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Program Streams

Students in the Developmental Studies Program choose one of three streams.

Stream A: Individual Human Development

The focus of Stream A is on individual human development ranging from prenatal and infant development to adolescent psychology and gerontology.

STREAM A Degree Requirement [PDF]

Stream B: Comparative Biological Development

Stream B is concerned with on animal development, ranging from animal physiology, chemistry, and genetics to evolution, zoology, and primatology. Students take courses from a variety of Departments including Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, and Kinesiology and Applied Health.

Stream C: Child Development and Child Care

Stream C is a joint program offered by the University of Winnipeg (UW) and Red River College (RRC) or the Université de St. Boniface (USB). By combining the resources of both UW and either RRC or USB, students are able to earn both a two-year diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Developmental Studies (Child Development and Child Care) in a four-year period of full-time study. Graduates of this stream are eligible for the highest classification: Early Childhood Education (ECE) III from the Manitoba Department of Families (Early Learning and Child Care Program). The UW offers the only degree-granting professional program in Early Childhood Education in Manitoba.

Stream C prepares graduates for a variety of positions, including child-care specialists who function as centre directors, supervisors and early childhood educators; and staff specializing in programs for the developmentally delayed and care for children with additional learning needs.

Entrance Requirements

All students wishing to enter 'Stream C' must first formally apply for admission to UWinnipeg, and then be selected for entry into the Child Development and Child Care Program. Space is restricted in this stream. The selection process will be competitively based on academic and professional qualifications, experience, and areas of interest.

Applicants choosing may enter the program through one of two routes:

  • Category A: Applicants holding a two-year Early Childhood Education Diploma or an equivalent diploma from another community college.

        Degree Requirements [PDF]

  • Category B: Applicants entering directly from high school or transferring from another faculty/program.

        Degree Requirements [PDF]