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Important Information Regarding BPHE Degree

Thu. May. 7, 2020

BPHE students, 

If you began your studies prior to 2019 you should be aware that we are eliminating some of the required courses in your degree. Everyone is able to finish the degree they started but you will have fewer options in course selection as time moves on and we shift to the updated BPHE. Please be sure you are following the correct Academic Calendar, if you are unsure please contact Academic Advising

The following courses will NOT be offered going forward:
KIN 2206 - Movement Education
KIN 2400 - Teaching Games for Understanding

This means that if you are currently missing courses from the section where you have to choose 6 credit hours from: KIN 2104, KIN 2206, KIN 2207, or KIN 2400 then you can only choose KIN 2104 and KIN 2207. You may also take the new KIN 2102 towards this group of courses if you HAVE NOT taken KIN 2206 or KIN 2400. If you choose to take KIN 2102 you must ask permission from the Chair of the Department for this to count toward your degree requirements. Please make this request by e-mail and include your full name and student number. 

KIN 1302 Teaching Individual Physical Activities is still listed as a course but we are not offering this course in 2020/21 and will likely eliminate it after this academic year. If you have yet to take KIN 1302 or KIN 1303 Teaching Team Physical Activities, then you MUST take KIN 1303 this academic year (offered in Fall term). If you have only taken one of KIN 1302 or KIN 1303 then it counts in the list of 9 required courses and NOT toward the minimum of 9 additional credit hours section (i.e., KIN 1200, KIN 1302, KIN 2109, KIN 2111, KIN 2112). If you have taken both KIN 1302 and KIN 1303 then one will count in the list of 9 courses and one will count toward the 9 additional credit hours. 

To help with your planning the following courses have been scheduled for the 2020/21 academic year:

Sections offered in Fall and Winter
KIN 1200 - Principles of Coaching
KIN 2104 - Outdoor Recreation and Education* 

Offered in Fall
KIN 2102 - Pedagogical Theories and Models in Physical Activity and Sport
KIN 2112 - Coaching and Teaching Volleyball 1*

Offered in Winter
KIN 2109 - Instructing Sport and Physical Activities (you may repeat this course for credit when the topic varies; in Winter term there will be both soccer and track and field sections)*
KIN 2111 - Coaching and Teaching Basketball 1*

*These courses are pending the reinstatement of in-person classes.