2016 KINect: Linking Research and Practice

Thu. Apr. 21, 2016

2016 KINect: Linking Research and Practice
Presenters at KINect (L-R): Dr. Danielle Stringer; Dr. Rob Pryce; Meaghan Michaluk; Jeff Billeck; grad student, Florent Thezard; Dr. Melanie Gregg; Dr. David Telles-Langdon, Chair; and Dr. Nathan Hall

Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Melanie Gregg, Dr. Danielle Stringer and Dr. Nathan Hall and all the Kinesiology & Applied Health faculty, staff and alumni who took part in the inaugural “KINect: Linking Research and Practice” The lively, interactive conference style presentations were an excellent way to learn about the exciting research going on in the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Health and the practical application for physical activity, health and wellness.

Dr. Danielle Stringer and Dr. Nathan Hall alternated as  moderators for the event; the presentations were: Danielle Stringer: Defining the Functional Role of GLUT3 in Insulin-stimulated Glucose Uptake in Clone 9 Liver Cells Florent Thezard: Transport-related Motion During Pre-HospitalSpinal Immobilization Robert Pryce: Central Adiposity and Low Back Load During Lifting Jeff Billeck: Reliability of Child Scat 3 Component Scores in Non-Concussed Children at Rest and After Exercise David Telles-Langdon: Female Perspective on Coaching Mentorship Meaghan Michaluk: The Effect of Work Environment on Movement Patterns of Academics Melanie Gregg: Relax and Refocus: Is Biofeedback the Key? Nathan Hall: The Inclusion of Alternative Environments in Physical Education Programs: Teachers’ Perspectives. Thank you all for the stimulating and informative event which is set to continue annually.