Jenny Heijun Wills

Cultural Studies

Jenny Heijun Wills Title: Associate Professor
Office: 2A33
Building: Ashdown
Phone: 204.789.1474

Jenny Heijun Wills writes about race and ethnicity both as a scholar of literary and cultural studies and as a creative writer. Her memoir, Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related is forthcoming in hardcover and audiobook in Fall 2019 from McClelland & Stewart, Penguin Randomhouse Canada. She is currently writing a confessional novel entitled Sip, inspired by the life of the one surviving Korean adopted child of notorious cult-leader and mass murderer, Jim Jones. She is co-president of the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture and serves as an editorial board member for the literary studies journal, ARIEL.

Teaching Areas:

Asian/American literatures and cultures; Ethnic Studies; popular culture, writing, critical adoption studies


(W) ENGL-3116-001 Topics in Creative Writing (Creative Non-Fiction)

(W) ENGL-3724-001 Topics in Race and Ethnicity: Anger

(W) ENGL-4903-001 Critical Race Studies: Race, Fashion, Beauty



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