Queer Studies in the Global Postmodern

Cultural Studies

GENG-7741-001 Topics in Local, National, and Global Cultures: Queer Studies in the Global Postmodern
Fall/Winter 2017-18

Professor A. Failler

This course introduces queer theories in the context of global postmodern culture. It builds on the premise that sex, gender, and sexuality intersect with other relations such as class, disability, race, ethnicity, citizenship, language, and religion. Course materials trace foundational texts in queer theory from feminist, poststructuralist, and gay and lesbian studies, as well as developments that have emerged in light of bisexual, transgender, indigenous, postcolonial, and diasporic critiques. This course also insists upon the relevance of queer studies for considering conflicts of national and trans-national consequence including neo-colonialism, globalization, citizenship, immigration, war, terrorism, and human rights.