Practicum in Curatorial Studies

Cultural Studies

GENG-7131.6  Special Studies in Cultural Theories and Practices: Practicum in Curatorial Studies, offered simultaneously with
GHIST-7831.6 Practicum in Curatorial Studies
Fall/Winter 2015-16
Tuesday 8:30-11:15 AM
Professor P. Bovey

This course blends the theory and practice of curatorial work, public history and experiential learning for students interested in achieving a university credit by working with a local museum or art gallery. The Practicum provides opportunities to explore a range of field placements with host institutions in order to learn many aspects of curatorial training. Weekly seminars at the University will introduce students to theoretical readings and provide opportunities for reflection and assessment. Students are expected to work 6 hours a week in the placement, as well as attend classes once a week. The program/project partners will provide on-site, in-house orientation, training and support for the interns who have chosen to work with them. Each site has its own particular required readings as defined by the practicum partnership, as well as the readings assigned by the instructor. The goal of this course is to link scholarship with community involvement and hands-on training.