Folk Narrative

Cultural Studies

GENG-7160.3 Topics in Cultures of Childhood: Folk Narrative
Winter 2015
Wednesday 2:30-5:15 p.m.

Professor C. Tosenberger

In this course, we will study the links and disjunctions between oral storytelling and popular mass-mediated discourse: while folklore and popular culture are often traditionally posited as oppositional, we’ll be examining popular culture as interpreter, shaper, and transmitter of folk narratives.  We will begin the course with an examination of the three major forms of folk narrative (myth, legend, folktale), and an overview of popular theories of myth and folklore that have made their way into pop culture, often to the dismay of scholars.  During the semester, we will cover topics such as urban legends, horror media as miner and transmitter of folklore, monsters/monstrosity, fairy tales and fairy tale films, audience studies and fandom, and popular religious discourse and folk narrative.