Contemporary Indigenous Representations

Cultural Studies

GENG-7740.3: Topics in Local, National, and Global Cultures: Contemporary Indigenous Representations 
Winter 2016
Thursday 2:30- 5:15 p.m.
Professor P. DePasquale

This course examines several contemporary Canadian Indigenous literary and non-literary texts in order to understand the diverse ways that artists, activists, community members, and others imagine and represent, for example, young people, family, community, the environment, health, and the future in their works. Our focus on such images across a range of discourses and media will call attention to issues and debates of importance in Canada today, in areas such as human rights, genocide, sovereignty, nationhood, identity, and reconciliation. We will read contemporary Indigenous images alongside both Western and Indigenous theories of representation, using the primary texts to test, supplement, and sometimes contradict the theory. Sites of critical enquiry will include the Indigenous Perspectives gallery at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.