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Spring 2023 Courses

GENG-7105-001 Capstone Seminar in Cultural Studies and Curatorial Practices
Prof. Bruno Cornellier
May 3-July 26, W 1-4pm

This capstone seminar consolidates Master of Arts in Cultural Studies students’ learning acquisitions and experiences, and offers a transitional experience into a variety of post-graduation fields. Students work individually on a research paper and/or a curatorial project in their chosen field and they will collaborate in the organization of a public, end of term symposium where they will present their work. As such, students build their capacity for advanced study and application through developing high-capacity skills in research, dissemination, professionalization, peer engagement, and portfolio development.   Through regular seminar meetings, students work in teams or sub-committees in all aspects of professional events and symposium planning, from programming and financing to advertising and scheduling.  Course outcomes are suited to students in both streams of the program (Texts & Cultures and Curatorial Practices).

GENG-7820-001 Topics in Visual Cultures : Snapshot Photography from Brownie to iPhone 
Prof. Clint Enns
May 2-June 8, T/TH 1-4pm

This course will examine a history of snapshot photography from its inception to its current proliferation as a global vernacular practice. Emphasis will be placed on the various aesthetic, ethical, social, philosophical, scientific, and political discourses in which snapshot photography has been situated with a focus on vernacular photography and the ways in which found photos have been utilized by artists, and appropriated by collectors and museums. The course will develop the snapshot as both a social practice and engage with some of the debates around the use of the camera as an artistic tool and will analyze contemporary vernacular photography practices, dissecting both the content of these images and the ways in which they are disseminated through the use of new technologies and social media. 

GENG-7820-002 Topics in Visual Cultures: Miyeu Pimaatshiwin, Beading, and Métis Kitchen Table Talk 
Prof. Cathy Mattes
June 1-21, M/T/W/TH 12:30pm - 3:30pm

This course provides students opportunities to spark miyeu pimaatshiwin (the way to a good life, naming how one leads a good and enriching life), through encounters with ancestral and contemporary Métis beadwork and cultural ways of visiting and hosting. Métis beadwork will be discussed and contextualized in ways that allows for dialogue about the historical and contemporary cultural struggles and achievements of Métis peoples. Students will learn basic beadwork skills, and the importance of visiting and hosting when we gather in-person during  Métis Kitchen Table Talk gatherings.