2015-16 Cultural Studies Course Offerings

Cultural Studies

Students in the M.A. in Cultural Studies specialize in one of two areas: Texts and Cultures and Curatorial Practices.

Students in both specializations will have an opportunity to take courses drawn from six related topic areas: Cultural Theory; Cultures of Childhood; Genders, Sexualities and Cultures; Local, National and Global Cultures; Manuscript, Print and Digital Cultures; and Visual Cultures. The courses offered for each topic area will vary year by year, and will focus on a specific aspect of culture in relation to that topic. Generic course descriptions are available here.

Course Offerings 2015-2016 (click on links for full course descriptions):

Fall/Winter 2015-16 (Full-Year Courses)

GENG-7131.6-001  Special Studies in Cultural Theories and Practices: Practicum in Curatorial Studies, offered simultaneously with
GHIST-7831.6-001 Practicum in Curatorial Studies
Tuesday 8:30-11:15 a.m.
Professor P. Bovey     

GENG-7821.6-001 Topics in Visual Cultures, offered simultaneously with
GHIST-7830.6-001 History of Museums and Collecting
Thursday 2:30- 5:15 p.m.
Professor S. Borys      

Fall 2015

GENG-7103.3-001 Research Methods and Practice (required)
Monday 6-8:45 PM
Professor H. Snell      

GENG-7901.3-050 Topics in Genders, Sexualities, and Cultures: Thinking Through the Skin
Tuesday 6-8:45 PM
Professor A. Failler      FULL DESCRIPTION

GENG-7112.3-001 Topics in Cultural Theory: Concepts in Cultural Theory
Thursday 8:30-11:15 AM

Professor B. Cornellier     

GENG-7820.3-001 Topics in Visual Cultures: Horror Film
Thursday 2:30 - 5:15 PM
Professor A. Burke      FULL DESCRIPTION

Winter 2016

GENG-7811.3-001 Topics in Manuscript, Print, and Digital Cultures: Textuality and Historicity
Monday 8:30-11:15 AM
Professor Z. Izydorczyk      FULL DESCRIPTION

GENG-7160.3-002 Topics in Cultures of Childhood: Worldbuilding: Poetics and Politics of High Fantasy
Monday 1-3:45
Professor P. Melville      FULL DESCRIPTION

GENG-7160.3-001 Topics in Cultures of Childhood: Folk Narrative
Wednesday 2:30-5:15
Professor C. Tosenberger      FULL DESCRIPTION

GENG-7740.3-001 Topics in Local, National, and Global Cultures: Contemporary Indigenous Representations
Thursday 2:30-5:15
Professor P. DePasquale      FULL DESCRIPTION

Spring/Summer 2016

GENG-7740.3-001 Topics in Local, National, and Global Cultures: Poverty, Tourism, and Culture
Thursday 1-4, May 5 - July 22
Professor H. Snell      FULL DESCRIPTION

GENG-7820.3-001 Topics in Visual Culture: Aesthetic Scenes in Canada: Contemporary Art, Social Movement and Neoliberalism
Monday/Wednesday 1-4, May 2 - June 13
Professor J. Jacobson-Konefall      FULL DESCRIPTION