Topics in Cultural Theory: Animals

Cultural Studies

GENG-7112-050 Topics in Cultural Theory: Animals
Fall 2017
Professor A. Walker-Jones

This graduate seminar is an introduction to animal studies with a focus on religion and culture. Animal Studies is the interdisciplinary and intersectional inquiry into the relationships between humans with other animals, often with a view to the ethics of those relationships. A number of schools now have majors, minors, institutes, and graduate programs in animal studies, human-animal studies, animal ethics, and critical animal studies. There are also several dedicated academic journals. This course surveys attitudes toward other animals in Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions, with a focus on a dialogue between Christian and Indigenous traditions because of the history of colonialism in Canada. The course involves attendance at four evening seminars and two conferences. Participants in the course will develop and share their own research projects.