Research Methods and Practice

Cultural Studies

GENG-7103-050 Research Methods and Practice (required)
Fall 2017  
Professor H. Snell

In this course students read about, discuss, present, and report on cultural studies as a discipline with often ambiguously defined research methods. Drawing on the course textbook--Richard Johnson et al's The Practice of Cultural Studies (Sage, 2004)--and selected articles and book chapters on the subject of research in cultural studies, students consider the complex relationship between the researching subject, their chosen method(s), and the cultures they study; the process of research, and strategies for dealing with difficult knowledge and challenging cultural phenomena; bringing theory into practice; considering the impact of the dimensions of space and place on culture and the study of culture; engaging history and historical perspectives; thinking about the intersection at which power, economy, and culture meet; and engaging popular culture. Since any discussion of research in cultural studies cannot proceed without due consideration of the politics of the field, the course also involves discussions of ethics. Indeed, what it means to research and represent others constitutes a significant theme throughout the course. Finally, this course aims to equip students with advanced bibliographical and research skills that will support their graduate study. Resources considered include archival, library, web-based, and informational technologies.