Queer Theory

Cultural Studies

GENG-7901-001 Topics in Genders, Sexualities, and Cultures: Queer Theory
Winter 2018
Wednesdays 2:30-5:15 PM
Professor H. Milne

This course introduces students to some of the key thinkers, issues, and concepts in the field of Queer Theory. We will begin by reading Judith Butler’s 
Gender Trouble, Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality, and Eve Kosovsky Sedgwick’s Epistemology of the Closet, three texts that helped to lay the foundations of the field. We will then examine how queer theory has evolved over the past twenty-five years in relation to social and cultural changes that have occurred within queer culture. We will also consider how it has intersected with and informed other areas of theoretical and critical inquiry including psychoanalysis (Leo Bersani, Lee Edelmen), affect theory (Lauren Berlant, Sara Ahmed, Ann Cvetkovich), performance studies (Jose Esteban Munoz), Marxism and critical theory (Michael Warner, Lisa Duggan), and critical race studies (David Eng, Jasbir Puar). Together, we will practice using queer theory as an analytical tool for examining film, literature, television, and current events. Students at the 4000 and 7000 levels will read the same texts but 7000 level students will produce longer papers and assignments.