Carceral Cultures



Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol, Goderich, Ontario (Photo credit: Alex Luscombe, June 2014)

Carceral Cultures is a research initiative that generates knowledge about Canada's culture of punishment and related penal policies and practices. Kevin Walby, CSRG member and Chancellor's Research Chair at the University of Winnipeg leads this project with Justin Piché at University of Ottawa. The project explores representations of crime, law, order, and state power in prison, jail, police, and court museums across Canada. More specifically, it examines museum histories, spatial and architectural features of museums, tour guide styles, tourist perceptions, museum marketing and policy, curation, as well as links between these museums and operational criminal justice agencies. Overall, the project contributes to studies of museums, material culture, penality, and tourism. Its most recent iteration is m3, a study of miltary museums in Manitoba.

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