Research Participant Pool

Criminal Justice


Students in CJ-1101 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) have the option to voluntarily participate in research studies being conducted or supervised by the faculty members of the Criminal Justice Department. 

 Your participation in these studies will enhance your learning experience in CJ-1101 by providing you knowledge of, and direct involvement in, research on current issues in criminal justice.  Sometimes research questions cannot be easily answered by existing material and it is necessary to collect fresh information and data.  For example, what is the public perception of a new law?  How do juries evaluate the testimony of expert witnesses?  What is the level of public support for reforms made to Canadian correctional facilities?  Your participation in studies is essential to helping our faculty answer important research questions that can impact the criminal justice system.


Participation in research through the participant pool is voluntary, i.e., it is not a course requirement. 

 Any studies for which your participation is requested will have been reviewed and cleared by the Criminal Justice Department Research Chair and the University of Winnipeg’s University Human Research Ethics Board (UHREB).


In acknowledgement of the voluntary nature of your participation, you have the opportunity to add up to 5% bonus to your final grade in CJ-1101 for up to 5 hours of participation in studies.  For each 0.5 hour, or portion thereof, of participation in a study, you will receive 0.5% credit toward your course grade, to a maximum of 5%.  Information for each study will clearly indicate the approximate time for completion and the number of credits you will receive.  In addition, you will be told how long the study will be available for participation (e.g., “This study will available for three weeks.”).

 NOTE 1: Because participation in studies is for bonus marks, the opportunity to participate in studies will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  That is, the opportunities for participation will be provided to you as they become available, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the full 5% (e.g., if the studies are all full).  As such, we recommend that when studies become available you take part as soon as you can to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to add to your total bonus marks!

 NOTE 2: If you complete a study more than once, you will only receive credit for one occurrence of your participation. For example, if a study is worth 1% credit and you complete it five times, you will only get 1% credit; NOT 5% credit. 


As a student in CJ-1101, you have been added to a Nexus course site specifically for the Criminal Justice participant pool.  This is where you will find information about the studies and be informed when new studies are posted.  Some studies may require online participation while others may require in-person participation; these details will be provided for each individual study. 

 Note that if you are enrolled in CJ-1101, you should be automatically enrolled in the Criminal Justice Participant Pool Nexus site.  During the first two weeks of classes, Nexus sites are updated daily. So if you register in a class during this two-week period, it may take a day or two, but you should still be automatically added to the site. If you are not enrolled in the Nexus site after the first two weeks of classes, please contact Dr. Bertrand to request that you be added. 


In order to track your participation credits, identifying information (e.g., name, student number, and course section) will be requested when you participate in a study, but this information will never be used to identify you in any way other than to associate you with your participation credit.

 On the participant pool Nexus site, you will also be able to check that you have been credited for your participation.  Note that because this list must be updated manually, your credits may take a while to appear.  However, the list will be fully updated within one week of the cut-off date for participation. 

 At the end of term, your instructor will receive a list of which students should get bonus marks and how many they should get. Your instructor will then add your marks to your final grade.


Once a study is no longer available for participation, you will not be able to get the credit for that study.  We encourage you to participate in studies as soon as you can to make sure you do not miss out!

If you are registered with Accessibility Services and have a documented issue that you believe may prevent you from taking part in any of our studies, please contact Dr. Bertrand (contact info below) as soon as possible to discuss matters further.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Criminal Justice Participant Pool, you may direct them to Dr. Bertrand at: or 204-988-7503.