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Research FAQ

Am I able to continue research on-campus and/or in the City of Winnipeg?

At this time, you, your research team, and your research participants can access campus to continue your on-campus research or research in Winnipeg. Visitors to campus for research purposes are no longer required to fill out campus activity requests to access campus in advance of their visit. Vaccination mandates have been lifted. Masks are not mandatory, but their use is strongly recommended. Please visit the main UWinnipeg COVID-19 information page for ongoing updates.

How do I access research support services?

Research support is available by email, phone, in person, and video conferencing. Please reach out as needed. We are here to help with questions and to provide ongoing support. All research office staff are back in the office (3rd Floor, RCFE) to ensure that faculty have resources to assist with current projects and for applying for new grants.

We will be using the Research website to provide faculty with updates. We also ask that you frequently visit the Tri-Council website pages relevant to your research.

What are the current requirements for human research ethics applications during COVID-19?

UHREB acknowledges that implications of COVID-19 on research and public health are continually evolving. In the context of changes to Public Health Orders within Manitoba, the following changes were implemented by UHREB as of November 15, 2022, with regards to ethical review of research:

  • A face-to-face checklist is no longer required.
  • A separate COVID-19 safety plan is not required for projects where the risk of COVID is deemed no greater than participants or researchers encounter in their normal daily activities.
  • The WebGrants check box for “research in a publicly declared emergency” should not be checked.
  • Risk mitigation strategies related to COVID-19 should continue to be detailed in the protocol and informed consent, proportionate to the likelihood and magnitude of the potential harms.

As COVID-19 continues to pose health risks, researchers should ensure that the safety of their research team members and participants remains a high priority. In cases where the investigator or UHREB determines the likelihood or magnitude of COVID-19 risk is elevated, or that participants may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection or adverse outcomes, investigators should include more detailed risk mitigation. Although no longer required of all applications, UHREB may request the above documents on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, view Guidance Document 11: COVID-19 Requirements in Resources on the Research Office human ethics page.

Where do I go for more information?

For research inquiries, please contact researchoffice@uwinnipeg.ca.

Please connect with your Dean, Chair, and the Research Office for any further questions.

I'd like to review the research guidelines. Where can I find past memos?