International Development Studies

Courses Available - Spring 2017

IDS-1100-050 (6) Tuesday / Thursday 6:00-9:00pm

Persistent poverty and discrimination, rising inequality and environmental stress, vulnerability to violence and disaster-these problems challenge people around the world. Imagine yourself as an agent of change, seeking ways to live justly and peacefully with others and the earth. Where would one look for ideas? This course introduces students to the concepts and critical tools needed to understand a range of approaches to change, both conventional and transformative. Students learn to pose and answer questions about current development challenges, and to analyze examples of successful and unsuccessful development at the global, national, and community levels.

IDS-2603-050 (3) Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-8:15pm

This course focuses on environmental factors relevant to understanding and implementing sustainable development. Its aim is to teach students to understand and appreciate fundamental ecological principles within the context of social values and technological constraints. Moreover, the course seeks to equip students to assess environmental problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, and to develop strategies that might solve these problems. Topics or issues that may be addressed include ecosystem dynamics; feedback in environmental processes; the concepts of carrying capacities and population thresholds; optimum yield theory; loss of biodiversity; over-consumption and overpopulation; deforestation, desertification, and pollution; energy demand versus supply; urbanization trends; global warming; ozone layer depletion; resource management, conservation and recovery; and environmental monitoring and impact assessment.

Cross-listed: ENV-2603(3).

Prerequisites: IDS-1100(6) or ENV-1600(3) or permission of instructor.

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