Disability Studies

Courses Available - Fall 2017

DIS-3001/WGS-3501 (3) Wednesday 11:30am-2:20pm

The focus of this seminar course is an intersectional approach to embodiment that attends to how constructions of class, debility, disability, frailty, gender, race, sexuality, and other social differences come to figure in experiences and understandings of the body. We will think about bodies as sites not only of social inscription but also of agency and possibility. We will wonder, along with Wearing, Gunaratnam and Gedalof (2015), “What techniques…are used to achieve and secure abled bodies across different domains of social life? What might it mean for feminist and crip activism to work with and against the political tensions in the ‘I can, therefore I am’ and to recognise ‘vagaries, variations and vulnerabilities’?” (Feminist Review 111: 2). Other questions that will guide us include: What is embodiment? What is a subject? How are subjects embodied? What are the implications of embodied subjectivity? Why are some humans perceived as more embodied than others?

PrerequisitesDIS-2100/WGS WGS-1232 or permission of the instructor.

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