Conflict Resolution Studies

Courses Available - Fall 2017

CRS-2262-001 (3) Monday / Wednesday / Friday 10:30-11:30am

This course explores how conflict and conflict resolution are linked to personal faith and life in community. Students first have the opportunity to investigate what is meant by "faith" and "community." Students then explore how faith and community can shape their understanding of conflict and the practice of conflict resolution. Diverse views of conflict and faith developed by secular as well as various religious communities is examined.

Prerequisites: CRS-1200(6) or permission of the instructor.

CRS-2241-050 (3) Monday 6-9pm

In this course students explore the relationship between culture and conflict from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students examine their own cultural perspectives and worldviews as well as cultural differences in response to conflict. The course examines the origins and nature of conflict between and among cultures, with special reference to the relationships between cultural values and conflict resolution processes. Special attention is given to popular culture, religion, cultural models of conflict resolution, rituals of reconciliation, and inter-ethnic conflict in the modern world.

Prerequisites: CRS-1200(6) or permission of the instructor.

CRS-2252-050 (3) Wednesday 6-9pm

This course provides some theoretical underpinnings of the dynamics of communication in interpersonal and small group conflict. Issues surrounding diversity are examined in depth, specifically with respect to individual and cultural differences. Direct instruction is provided in the analysis, development, and implementation of self-management and interpersonal communication skills to enhance healthy relationships and prevent dysfunctional conflict in daily life.

Prerequisites: CRS-1200(6) or permission of the instructor.

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