Co-op not for credit

Co-operative Education Program

Co-op students can opt for a non-credit version of Co-op.  There will still be recognition of program completion and they'll receive a pass (or fail) on their transcript.  The non-credit version will not affect GPA standings.  There will be no credit applied in the non-credit version of Co-op.

To register for the non-credit Co-op (after application has been made, accepted and the Co-op fee paid); the Co-op Office must be notified. 

All of the valuable Co-op training, access to the networking events and assignments will remain the same for both the non-credit and for-credit versions of Co-op.  The Final Work Term Report will vary. 

As soon as a job has been accepted, all Co-op students must inform the Co-op office and remit their employer contract.  There will be a workplace visit by the Co-op Coordinator once during the term in addition to a workplace evaluation to be completed by the supervising manager and the student. 

Two weeks prior to the end of the work term, Co-op students are required to submit a Final Work Term Report in order to receive a pass or fail designation.  Here's a link for the Final Work Term Report guidelines. 

Co-op completion on transcripts will appear as follows:
Co-op I : COOP-2999-800
Co-op II: COOP-3999-800
Co-op III: COOP-4999-800