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  • Dr. Pauline Ripat (University of Winnipeg) and Dr. Christina Vester (University of Waterloo) are pleased to announce the release of the (free!) digital game, Vice Verba, now available for iPhone and iPad! Practice your Latin conjugations to win togas and earn dead Romans. Thanks to the many University of Winnipeg students for their advice and help to create this game! You can see screenshots and download the game here.

  • The Classics Department is delighted to announce that online access to the full holdings of the Loeb Classical Library is now available through the University of Winnipeg Library's databases! The Loeb Classical Library contains all the major works of ancient Greek and Latin literature, featuring the original Greek or Latin with recent, authoritative English translations on facing pages. Go and see which authors and works are there - everything from Homer's Iliad to Plautus' Miles Gloriosus to Dio Chrysostom's Encomium on Hair!

  • Alistair Mowat created a scale model of the so-called Hatra Ballista and displayed it to an enthusiastic audience during ArtsFest 2014. For more information on Ali's exciting project, click here!

Upcoming Events

  • Mar. 20, 2016* - AIA Lecture at the WAG: 'The Writing on the Wall: Ancient Graffiti and Popular Culture' with Dr. Rebecca Benefiel (Washington and Lee University), 3 pm

*See the Winnipeg Art Gallery's website for further details.

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