Stephen Penner

Stephen Penner Title: Marketing Co-ordinator


Originally from Montreal, Stephen has lived in Winnipeg for the last 14 years and is now is in a career pivot and embarking on a journey to a Masters in Development Practice from the University of Winnipeg. Stephen is a well-travelled and knowledgeable man with expertise cutting across education, sports, fashion, communications, business and economic development. He earned his Bachelors’ Degree in History and Economics in 1987 from Mount Allison University. Stephen hopes to serve as a bridge between finance, business development and communities: working with marginalized groups in turning their ideas and passion into profitable ventures that in turn can serve the community. 

Stephen is an extraordinarily curious individual whose continuous search for understanding different environments, circumstances and people led him to join Professor Berge in the Co-operative Enterprise program. He believes the Co-op model is a perfect example of members of the community coming together in a proactive and profitable way to support themselves and their community. When Stephen is not working, he likes to cook and assist in the “development” of  Sam and Violet- his two kids.

With the growing involvement in many issues, he sees the Co-operative Enterprise Business Chair as a place of change within the university and the community at large.