Navraj Singh

Navraj Singh Title: Research Assistant


Why am I interested in co-operatives?

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.” -Henry Ford.

I have been heavily interested in the topic of ethics in business, how to increase them in businesses and how to make them better for employees, stakeholders and society overall. Researching co-operatives has not only given me the opportunity to get introduced to a sector of economy that serves more than half of the country and has over $370 billion in assets, but also to a sui generis way of conducting business ethically. Co-operatives, as a response to ethical business practice in society, is very interesting to me.

What do I like most about co-ops?

What I like about co-ops is that they have used power of institutionalized structures and systems in form of businesses to bring about societal change in society, as opposed to what is typically thought of being the purpose of IOF model of profit maximization. And it is not just about co-ops utilizing this advantage, but more about how utilize this advantage through co-op values and principles that makes them unique. I think that this advantage of businesses, of brining institutionalized change for good for communities, still needs to be to be discovered, researched and evaluated deeply in the business and academic sphere so that it can be used for the benefit of society. 

What are my favorite research topics?

As I mentioned, I am fascinated by how institutionalized structures, especially businesses, can bring about societal change in society for betterment of everyone. I am more specifically interested in how one factor within economy can do good that affects other components in it and how can we maximize the benefit of overall society by using social capital in such a way that that we get the highest return on the investment and benefit society as much as we can. In the realm of co-operatives, not-for-profit, social economy and charity organizations, if we focus our attention on these questions regarding what is the best way to charity, the best system to establish to help people etc., we can amplify the benefit of charity, not-for-profits, co-operatives, NGOs etc. have in our society.