Nana Araba Asaam

Nana Araba Asaam Title: Research Assistant


Nana is originally from Ghana but has been living in Winnipeg for the past year pursuing her Master’s degree in Indigenous Development Practice. Her career goals are toward working with deprived indigenous and rural communities to address issues of poverty and social injustice affecting the lives of women and children. In recognition of this, her current research interests focus on child labour and empowerment of women and girls in rural communities.

What makes Nana who she is, is her family. She loves spending time with her family especially her two sisters. They are the reason behind her academic and personal achievements. She also loves to spend time engaging in volunteer activities. Currently, she volunteers for UWSA and Osteoporosis Canada where she is involved in diverse educational programs. Through her initiatives, many unemployed youth in her community have been organized to engage in mechanized farming as a means to livelihood empowerment and has offered free career and education council to pupils in the district.

In her previous job role as a credit analyst, Nana worked with many small to medium scale enterprises but only a few co-op businesses as these were not common in her region. She is interested in expanding her knowledge about co-ops as she believes it is one key area to achieve community comradeship and development.

The Business Chair of Co-operative Enterprises is currently making significant positive impacts through research, programs and opportunities it hands out to students and faculty. In the future that is not too far off, Nana sees it expanding in its sustainability, capacity, and scale to deliver greater social impacts.