Gabriela Jimenez

Gabriela Jimenez Title: Research Assistant


Gabriella is from Caracas Venezuela, and has been in Winnipeg for just over a year, she came to Winnipeg to take the Masters of Development Practice program.  Her background is in chemical engineering, as well as in the oil and gas industry.  Her future plans are to build a bridge between technical knowledge on water treatment and social development.

Her interests are on water resource and natural resource management. Gabriella worked for an oil and gas company for five years, doing water treatment.  While doing this work she felt that the communities were left behind, and feels that development needs to be focused on economic, social, and environmental factors.

Gabriella is interested in co-operatives because she thinks it is a different approach to achieve economic development, while also empowering communities to realize their own economic goals. She joined this project because she is interested in how she can develop her own skills, while also learning about the challenges communities have faced in practicing this economic model. She is also very interested in the theory and practice of the co-operative economic model.

Gabriella believes that Co-operatives provide an opportunity to learn from past challenges of community development initiatives, and also provide a new model for change. Co-operatives will prove to be an essential tool for communities to experience sustainable economic development.