Eamon O'brien

Eamon O'brien Title: Marketing Research Assistant
Email: obrien-e84@webmail.uwinnipeg.ca


Eamon has lived in Winnipeg his whole life and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. He graduated from the Dakota Colligate and then went to Red River where he took the Applied Accounting program and graduated from that. Afterwards he decided he wanted more education, so he enrolled at the University of Winnipeg and currently working towards graduating in Business and Administration. As for future plans, he’d like to get a job where he can make a difference and maybe start a family.

Tell us about your interests as well as something special about you

Eamon is a self-proclaimed “relaxed dude” and when he’s not working or studying for school, he spends his time watching the Bombers, going out with his friends or collecting comic books.

What made you join this project? Why are you interested in Co-ops?

Healthy eating has recently become much more important in my life. It is an opportunity that helps me learn about a different business model that I hardly knew about. I now see it as a model that has a place in our future society.

The Business Chair of Co-operative Enterprises plays a key role in co-operative development. Where do you see co-operative enterprises in the future?

I see that this can be a very niche operation and program, that could get a lot of information out to a lot of people like me, who until recently didn’t know a lot about cooperatives. Healthy eating is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. We can be a source of information that isn’t readily available to those who aren’t a part of the everyday co-op life style.