Cassandra Szabo

Cassandra  Szabo Title: Research Assistant


Cassandra is born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She did her undergraduate degree at The University of Winnipeg and Menno Simmons College with a major in International Development and a minor in Conflict Resolution. She is now in her first year of The Masters in Development Practice program. 

Cassandra’s interests are in finding alternative business and policy solutions, particularly in First Nations communities in Manitoba. She is passionate about the community and people in Manitoba, and thinks Manitoba is a place of great opportunity.

Cassandra joined the project because she wanted to gain practical experience, and further her understandings of co-operative enterprises. She is interested in how co-operatives fit into the role of community development, and how this role can be enhanced.

Cassandra see’s co-operative enterprises as playing a substantial role in the future; due to the high rates of urbanization occurring in developing countries, the urban poor will depend heavily on co-operative enterprises to mitigate some of the challenges we will see.