Amy Hay

Amy Hay Title: Research Assistant


Please tell us a bit about yourself

My family is spread out all over Western Canada. I have been going to University of Winnipeg for 4 years now and really love the school. I can’t wait to put all of the knowledge that I’ve gained into a professional carrier in business. I really want to help overcome the stigma that all business is all about profit.

Tell us about your interests as well as something special about you     

I’m a dog person down to my core, my favourite things to talk about are book’s and travelling. But I think what makes me special is my natural ability to be positive. My outlook is to definitely find the opportunity in every situation.

What made you join this project? Why are you interested in Co-ops?

I’m really interested in marketing research and this opportunity has allowed me to gain skills and challenge myself. I’ve meet people who have great work ethic and have good hearts.  Co-op’s have a unique business model that a lot of people would support because business model focuses on giving back to community and upholding values.

The Business Chair of Co-operative Enterprises plays a key role in co-operative development. Where do you see co-operative enterprises in the future?

I think there is so much potential to do something amazing for Winnipeg with the Co-operatives enterprises. Bringing people together and making a difference in communities is going to become a change we all want to see. It will also show people that Co-operatives are very trustworthy and a very democratic business model.