Aliraza Alidina

Aliraza Alidina Title: Marketing Research Assistant


Aliraza grew up in Burundi, a small country between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. He moved to Canada in 2009 for his education and has a Bachelors in International Developmental Studies as well as a Diploma in International Business Studies. He moved to Winnipeg in August 2015 to pursue a Master’s program in Development Practice.

Aliraza speaks over 5 languages including French, English, Hindi/Urdu, Swahili and Gujarati (native form). When he isn’t doing school work, he’s an avid watcher of documentaries and follows current affairs closely.  He’s also loves reading books on spirituality and politics.

When the opportunity was presented to join the Business Chair for Co-op Enterprise, Aliraza joined as he thought it would be a good chance to apply what he has learned so far and expand his knowledge.  He’s interested in co-ops as an alternative model that isn’t as well known. He also believes that components of food co-ops can be tied to community development, an aspect of his current Development Practices Program.

Down the line Aliraza believes the Business Chair for Co-op Enterprise can be a major platform for information that isn’t readily stored or available to those who aren’t directly involved or in the know about food co-ops. He also believes that the research done in this program can be used by others who want to expand the reach of food co-ops in Canada.