About the Business Chair of Co-op Enterprises

Chair in Co-operative Enterprise

The Chair in Co-operative Enterprises was established in 2013 with grants from the Province of Manitoba’s Ministry of Housing and Community Development, Red River Cooperative Limited, Federated Co-operatives Limited, Co-operators Canada, Arctic Cooperatives Limited, Credit Union Central of Manitoba and Assiniboine Credit Union.  It is located in, and affiliated with the Business and Administration Department at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

The Chair promotes the teaching of, and research into co-operative enterprises in Canada.  It interacts with both the Co-operative sector (cooperatives and credit unions) and the Provincial Government of Manitoba, as well as with the rest of Canada and other countries through public lectures, seminars, teaching and research.  The Chair promotes regional, national and international research through a series of conferences, grants and publications.

The Chair in Co-operative Enterprises in conjunction with the partners mentioned above offers a range of scholarships, internships and essay awards.