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Before applying, all applicants must have applied to UWinnipeg or another Winnipeg post-secondary institution and have an active student number. Applicants under age 18 must have a Manitoba resident act as Custodian to complete the application process. Applicants for family housing Affordable Units must read this page before applying ». Additional requirements may apply depending on your application and room type. Read the current Contract for more details.

Residents must be registered in academic classes during residence occupancy. Registration for UWinnipeg students is checked periodically in the student database and residents who are not registered in classes may not continue living in residence.

Students of schools other than UWinnipeg will not be admitted into residence without proof of enrollment at their academic institution. Campus Living may request and keep a copy of the student’s identification card and/or course registration.

Read the Contract Section 1 "Eligibility" for more details »

Application Types & Dates

Family Housing 2017-18

For families of 2-5 persons applying to live in one of our McFeetors Hall 1-, 2-, or 3- bedroom apartments. Applicants must read through our Family Housing page before applying ».

Occupancy Dates: Sep 2, 2017 to Aug 22, 2018

App Availability: Feb 6, 2017 to Aug 1, 2018

Winter 2018

For individual students arriving and staying in Winter term.  If continuing from Winter to Spring, read these renewal instructions before applying ».

Occupancy Dates: Jan 3, 2018 to Apr 21, 2018

App Availability: Sep 1, 2017 to Apr 1, 2018

Spring 2018

For individual students arriving in and staying for Spring/Summer term.  If continuing from Winter to Spring, read these renewal instructions before applying ».

Occupancy Dates: Apr 30, 2018 to Aug 22, 2018

App Availability: Feb 10, 2018 to Dec 1, 2018

Academic Year 2018-19

For individual students arriving in Fall and staying for both Fall & Winter terms. (Winter Break is the optional period between Fall and & Winter terms.) Fall-only visiting students should read below before applying.

Occupancy Dates (tentative): Sept 2, 2018 to Apr 24, 2019 (excluding Winter Break by default)

App Availability (tentative): Feb 10, 2018 to Dec 1, 2018

Fall-Only Visiting Students

Visiting students who are registered at UWinnipeg for Fall academic term only should apply for the "Academic Year” term; then after receiving a room offer, select the “Visiting Student” option when completing the application. Campus Living will contact you after verifying your Letter of Permission and updating your application. 

Fall-only visiting students are not eligible to stay in residence over Winter Break. Visiting students' occupancy ends by the last day of Fall term at noon.

Current/In-Room Residents

Residents currently in room appling for upcoming terms should read these instructions before applying »

Submitting an Application

Once you know your preferred room types and which application type to select, you can submit an application on the StarRez Portal ».

Application Fees & Deposits

New applicants, and continuing applicants applying for the next Academic Year, pay a non-refundable $50 fee to start each application.

After receicing a room offer, new applicants also pay a $350 deposit to complete the application. This fee is part of reserving a residence room and is held separate from other residence fees. Read more about completing the application below under "Completing the Application" ».

Note: Deposits are not refundable if the application is cancelled or terminated. Complete policies for deposits are in Section 1 of the Campus Living Contract.

Receiving a Room Offer

Room offers for Academic Year and Family Housing typically start going out at the end of May and continue being sent on an ongoing basis.

Winter term room offers typically start being sent in November.

Spring term room offers typically start being sent out in March.

Completing the Application

Before You Pay Your Deposit: Be sure that you will move into the room before paying the deposit! Once you pay the deposit, it is not refundable if you cancel or terminate your application. Read Section 1 of the Contract for more details »

After submitting an application, it is marked "not complete" until a room offer is sent out and the final application pages are completed. A room offer typically has a deadline of a few business days to complete the application. Completing the application involves selecting a meal plan option, payment type, and other term-specific options.

Minors (applicants under age 18) must submit a Custodianship Form along with their application before paying the deposit. You can download and read the Custodianship Form here »

New and returning applicants must pay a deposit to complete the application, while Continuing (in room) applicants do not need to pay the deposit. This deposit is part of reserving the room and is not refundable if you cancel or terminate your application. Read Section 1 of the Contract for more details »

Once all these application pages are completed, the application will be marked as "complete" and your room will be reserved. 

Cancelling the Application

You may cancel your application by contacting Campus Living. Read the Sections on Cancellation and Termination in the Contact for more details »