Business and Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree offered through the Department of Business and Administration is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in business, in the private, public or non-profit sectors. We nurture socially conscience business leaders and entrepreneurs that are capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of the modern business world.

The Business and Administration program develops critical thinking, analytic and decision-making abilities, oral and written communication skills, and the self-confidence to effectively apply these skills. Some courses in the program are taught using the case method, a simulation of real business situations from the perspective of the actual decision-maker. Computer-based simulations, experiential exercises, guest speakers, and field trips are also used to connect course material to the business world.  A new co-op work study program allows students to add career real work experience to their UW Degree.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (3-year or 4-year). The three-year BBA is an excellent complement to a major or degree in another field, and is intended to be readily accessible as a part of a double degree program upon completion of additional coursework.

The four-year BBA prepares students for managerial work and also for further study in business administration such as an MBA or other graduate degree program.  In the four-year program, we offer the opportunity for students to narrow their studies into their choice of five Areas of Concentration: Marketing, International Business, Co-operative Enterprises, Accounting and Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour.

In addition to the above, a joint program with Red River College offers the opportunity to obtain both Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Business Administration Diploma in less time than it would normally take to obtain the two qualifications, by allowing credit for work completed at the alternate institution.

Degrees & Programs Offered 

More detailed information on the 3-Year BBA, 4-Year BBA and the Joint Program with RRC is available in the Course Calendar.

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What is Prior Learning Assesment and Recognition?

The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process at the University of Winnipeg helps you figure out what you already know and what you need to know to get where you're going. Through this process the University of Winnipeg offers to help you analyze your education and learning experience and determine what you need to reach your goals. We take into account your education as a whole, including the knowledge and skills you have gained through work and life experience. Through demonstration of your knowledge and skills, you may be eligible to receive credit toward your degree - putting you a step ahead.

If you want to explore this option further, please contact Academic and Career Advising at or 204.786.9257. They will help you to evaluate your prior learning, discuss your educational goals, and identify courses you may wish to challenge for credit.

For more information on the PLAR and transfer credits process please visit the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition website.