2022 Spring Term Information

Last update: 6 April 2022 @ 08:57CDT

We are getting closer to the start of the 2022 Spring Term in the Department of Business and Administration.

We are seeing a reasonably strong demand for our spring BUS courses. As we indicate in our FAQ, we are not able to offer the same number and scope of BUS courses in the Spring as we do in the Fall and/or Winter semesters. Our ability to offer courses is very much limited by staff availability. As such, students should not expect that courses will be available.

As with previous years, we are pleased to be able to offer our two entry-level courses at the 1000 level (BUS 1201 and BUS 1202) and most of our "Fundamentals" courses at the 2000 level.

Students are encouraged to book an appointment with Academic Advisor, Christy Campbell, if they have questions about their degree progress. To book an appointment, please visit this link.

Important information about the 2022 Spring Term

For the Spring 2022 semester, most of our courses will be delivered in person. You will find details of the location of your in-person courses on WebAdvisor.

The University of Winnipeg bookstore will faithfully continue to stock textbooks as it always has, and in many instances, you may be able to purchase an e-book. Your Professor or Instructor will make you aware of any textbooks via their Course Outline, which you will receive on or before the first day of class.

Online 2022 Spring Term courses

For those courses which are being offered online, you will need access to a fairly modern computer.  Most courses will be facilitated using the Nexus course management platform. Be sure to check out the computer equipment and software you will need to access Nexus, the wide range of introductory videos, the helpful student FAQs and other tips at the University's Remote Teaching, Learning and Research Hub.

For your studies, you will need Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint.  All University of Winnipeg students have access to these applications at no charge via Office 365. Some of your Professors or Instructors may also ask that you register for one or more free online learning enhancement platforms that have become increasingly popular.

Finally, those courses being run online will be using Zoom for lectures, tutorials, and one-on-one or group consultations, so you should review the University's student guide to using Zoom.

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