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Last update: 10 August 2020 @ 10:39CDT

The purpose of this page is to provide a central source for critical information applicable to all students in our Department as they join us for the Autumn 2020 semester.  It will be updated as needed, and possibly frequently, so please check back often.  Please also ensure that you review the University's Remote Teaching, Learning and Research Hub.

Without question, the global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is causing significant disruption for almost everyone.  We are actively planning to ensure that all Business students, both new and returning, are provided with the best possible educational experience under the circumstances.  Your Professors and Instructors are actively involved in detailed planning for their courses this Fall. We are excited about the opportunities that comes with our Fall semester lineup of courses and how they will be delivered.

Our graduates are known for their skills, analytical capabilities, resourcefulness and knowledge. We are proud of them, and we will continue to offer the kind of University-level educational experience for which we are known.  


How will courses be offered in the Fall semester of 2020?

The current plan is to offer courses entirely online. All faculty members are spending the summer working to adjust their courses to the online environment. What this means for you is not simply "remote" learning where you read material, take a test and get a grade. Quite the contrary. Collectively and individually, we are investing a significant amount of time planning how we might add value to your courses in such a way that facilitates your learning and overall education. The result is that you will experience a range of learning styles and approaches, including time-shifted video lectures, live lectures via Zoom, live tutorials, moderated online discussion forums, and video-submission assignments for both individual and group projects, to name a few.  

Online learning presents numerous challenges, to be sure, but also significant opportunities. We are excited about what we have in store for you. As well, you can learn more about online classes at UW.

But what about tests and/or exams?  Will these be done in person or online?

We are still working out the details of this, but we are guided by instructions from the University. Your Professor or Instructor will provide detailed information at the beginning of the semester.

What about textbooks?

The University of Winnipeg bookstore will still stock textbooks as it always has, and in many instances you may be able to purchase an e-book. Your Professor or Instructor will make you aware of any textbooks via their Course Outline, which you will receive on or before the first day of class.

Do I need a computer or any special kind of software?

You will need access to a fairly modern computer (or capable tablet). Most courses will be facilitated using the Nexus course management platform. Be sure to check out the computer equipment and software you will need to access Nexus, the wide range of introductory videos, the helpful student FAQs and other tips at the University's Remote Teaching, Learning and Research Hub.

For your studies, you will need Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint.  All University of Winnipeg students have access to these applications at no charge via Office 365. Some of your Professors or Instructors may also ask that you register for one or more free online learning enhancement platforms that have become increasingly popular.

Finally, many courses will be using Zoom for lectures, tutorials, and one-on-one or group consultations, so you should review the University's student guide to using Zoom.

I've heard that online courses are easier than in-person classes.  Is this true?

Absolutely not. All of our online courses are designed to facilitate learning while maintaining the strict integrity that students and employers expect from University-level education. Tests, exams and assignments will continue to be challenging but fair.    


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