Dr Fabrizio Di Muro

Business and Administration

Assistant Professor

Phone: 204-2582917

Teaching Interests


Research Interests 

Retail Atmospherics
Consumer Behavior

Selected Publications

Murray, K. B., Di Muro, F., Finn, A., Popkowski-Leszczyc, P., 2010.  The Effect of Weather on Consumer Spending. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17(6), 512-20. 

Di Muro, F., Murray, K. B., 2012. An Arousal Regulation Explanation of Mood Effects on Consumer Choice. Journal of Consumer Research, 39 (October), 574-84.

*Di Muro, F., Noseworthy, T., forthcoming. Money isn’t Everything but it Helps if it Doesn’t Look Used: How the Visual Appearance of Money Influences Spending. Journal of Consumer Research.

*denotes equal authorship