Tagline and themes


Based on feedback from key stakeholder groups — including students, alumni, faculty and staff — UWinnipeg's brand messaging emphasizes the institution's key strengths and attributes: including academic quality, caring faculty, downtown location, diversity, a strong sense of community, and more. The tagline’s three keywords are intentionally thematic and help to highlight UWinnipeg's ethos and areas of focus.

For example, “Discover” encapsulates the passion for learning and research that takes place at UWinnipeg. The “Achieve” theme underscores the many and varied successes of our students, alumni, faculty, and athletes (to name a few). “Belong” highlights the institution’s reputation for small class sizes and meaningful faculty-student interaction; it also aligns with UWinnipeg’s comprehensive community learning and outreach initiatives that welcome inner-city youth to campus.

This messaging has been paired with dynamic visuals that include people-focused images, custom graphics, selected colours and a unique type treatment. Together, these elements help establish UWinnipeg’s look and feel — its brand personality — which supports and reinforces the communications UWinnipeg shares with its various audiences.

The Discover • Achieve • Belong tagline is used on its own and in conjunction with other messaging. Individual themes may be featured as appropriate; the UWinnipeg logo and full tagline should normally be present.

Approved tagline treatment

There are several approved image variations of the UWinnipeg tagline, as seen below.

Note: These graphic expressions are intended for use at the discretion of the Marketing and Communications department and are not available for download by the UWinnipeg community. An approved tagline treatment is embedded in the branded templates that have been specially created for faculty and staff use.   

Reversed on patterned background
Discover Achieve Belong tagline on patterned background
Pantone 1788 Red
Discover Achieve Belong - Red
Discover Achieve Belong - Grey
Discover Achieve Belong - Black

When the UWinnipeg logo and tagline need to be used in close proximity, they should be displayed as follows:

Logo Tagline

Other tagline guidelines

  • Don’t replace the bullets between the words with dashes or any other mark. 
  • Don’t retype the tagline in another font to be used graphically. You may retype the tagline when referencing in an email or similar situation, and in this instance the tagline may be written in upper and lower case and with grammatically correct punctuation.
  • Don’t change the colours of the tagline to be other than the approved colour versions.
  • Don’t abbreviate the tagline.
  • Don’t distort the tagline.
  • Don’t place the tagline inside a box, circle or other container.
  • Don’t combine the tagline with the UWinnipeg logo or any sub-brand logos aside from the approved variations.