Honours Thesis Proposal Abstract Talks

Wed. Oct. 19 12:30 PM - Wed. Oct. 19 01:30 PM
Location: 1RC014

HENAULT, JUSTIS. Association of the Endangered Poweshiek skipperling, Oarisma poweshiek, with potential larval host species in Manitoba.  Supervisor: Dr. Richard Westwood. Committee members: Dr. Rafael Otfinowski & Mr. Bill Watkins.

MYMKO, DANE T. Influence of tomato trichomes on the feeding preference of a generalist caterpillar.  Supervisor: Dr. Germán Avila-Sakar. Committee members: Dr. Richard Westwood & Dr. Susan Lingle.

SIDHU, NIKHIL. Alterations in Serum Bioactive Lipids in Mouse and Rat Models of Adolescent Nephronophthisis Reveal Potential Treatments.  Supervisor: Dr. Harold Aukema (University of Manitoba). Committee Members: Dr. Jens Franck & Dr. Désirée Vanderwel.