Honours Thesis Proposal Abstract Talks

Mon. Oct. 17 12:30 PM - Mon. Oct. 17 01:30 PM
Location: 1RC014

GRAEFF, PHILIPP. Differential Expression of innate immune sensors in ERVK-associated neurological disease.  Supervisor: Dr. Renée Douville. Committee members: Ms. Dawn Rittberg & Dr. Anuraag Shrivastav

KONZELMAN, CARMEN. Snapchat for Cancer Cells: Defining the Type of Cell Death Following Treatment of Lung Cancer Cells Through Live Cell Imaging.  Supervisor: Dr. Spencer Gibson (Cancer Care Manitoba). Committee members: Dr. Anuraag Shrivastav and Dr. Paul Holloway

NADEAU, MARIE-JOSÉE Neurotoxicity of ERVK Envelope proteins.  Supervisor: Dr. Renée Douville. Committee members: Dr. Jens Franck & Dr. Anuraag Shirvastav

SOROKOPUD-JONES, MEGAN From facewash to fish: The effects of consumer microplastics on Daphnia magna and medaka. Supervisors: Dr. Judith Huebner & Ms. Nancy Loadman. Committee members: Dr. Scott Forbes & Ms. Laura-Anne Warszycki.