Entrance Awards

Awards and Financial Aid

Welcome to The University of Winnipeg! The University offers a variety of financial support to assist you with funding your post-secondary education. As a new student beginning your journey here, we would like to direct your attention to the entrance awards that we have to offer.

Some awards will be automatically applied based on your admission average, others will require an application. Students who are successful in receiving an application-required entrance award must register for classes in the session for which the award was offered. Only the Special Entrance Scholarship can be deferred for one year.

1.  Application-Required Entrance Scholarships [PDF]

  • These are for all students who are "new" to The University of Winnipeg and have not taken credits or completed a degree here before. "New" students can be entering any of the University’s divisions for the first time – Undergraduate, Graduate, Collegiate, Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) or English Language Program (ELP).

Value: Ranges from $100 - $40,000.

2020-21 Deadline: Monday, February 3, 2020 at 4:30pm

  • Deadline notes:
    • Please note we do not accept emailed or faxed applications.
    • Mailed applications must be post-marked with the application date or earlier.
    • Applications submitted in person must be dropped off at our office by 4:30pm on February 3rd.


2.  Special Entrance Scholarships

  • The Special Entrance Scholarships are automatically offered to Grade 12 graduating students coming directly from a high school in Canada, and to international students from the United States, or those studying Canadian curriculum abroad. All students must meet the conditions below. These scholarships are offered without the necessity of a scholarship application.

2020-21 Deadline: Complete online application for admission by Sunday, March 1, 2020.

Who is eligible?

  • Students that have at least an 85% final Grade 12 award average, and 
  • Submitted a complete application for admission including payment by March 1, and
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours for the Fall/Winter, and
  • Have not received a UW Entrance award valued at more than $5,000.

How is my award average calculated?

For all students (Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Kinesiology, and Science), the scholarship average is calculated based on the following:

  • Best 40S English (Comprehensive Focus, Literary Focus or Transactional Focus), and
  • Best 40S Math* (Pre-Calculus, Applied Math or Essential Math), and
  • One other 40S or higher level full credit course.

*For students coming from another province in Canada or the USA, math may not be a requirement for graduation. If you take a Grade 12 math we will use it in your award average. If you don’t take a Grade 12 math the award average will be a Grade 12 English plus two other top Grade 12 courses. 

What is the value of the scholarship?

The values of the scholarship are as follows:

85.0-89.9% - $1,100

90.0-94.9% - $1,750

95.0%+ - $2,250

When will I receive notification?

Eligible students will receive a conditional scholarship offer based on interim Grade 12 grades within one to two months after receipt of your offer of admission. Once final Grade 12 grades have been received, all eligible registered students will be notified of their final scholarship value in July/August 2020.

Can I Defer this Scholarship?

Yes! If you will be taking a year off between high school and university to travel or take part in a volunteer program, you may defer your offer of admission and the Special Entrance Scholarship for up to one year. Please contact the Admissions Office to defer your offer by August 1.

NOTE: Students admitted into the Bachelor of Education program or those attending another school or organization for educational credit cannot defer their scholarship.

Some Other Tips:

  • The value of the Special Entrance Scholarships will be determined based on final Grade 12 grades.
  • All Entrance awards will be applied directly to your 2020-21 Fall/Winter session tuition fees.
  • If your final average drops below 85%, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn.
  • If your final average improves and falls within the next level, you will receive the higher value.

3. Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarships

i) Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Transfer Credit Scholarship

Students who are admitted to the University of Winnipeg directly from high school and choose to transfer Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate examination results as credit towards their undergraduate studies will receive a scholarship.


  • $250 for each AP exam result of 5
  • $150 for each AP exam result of 4
  • $250 for each IB exam result of 7 on higher level papers
  • $200 for each IB exam result of 6 on higher level papers and 7 on standard level papers
  • $150 for each IB exam result of 5 on higher level papers

How to apply: submit a completed Request for University Credit form no later than October 31, 2020

Eligibility Notes:

  • You may submit a request for transfer credit after October 31, 2020 but you will not be considered for the scholarship, so apply early!
  • This award cannot be held in conjunction with the International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarship or the Advanced Placement Program Entrance Scholarship (see below).
  • Students who receive a Special Entrance Scholarship may also receive this scholarship.


ii) Advanced Placement Program Entrance Scholarship (value: $2,250)

Awarded to students who are entering The University of Winnipeg as an Advanced Placement Program National Scholar. Students must write five Advanced Placement final examinations and obtain an average of at least 4.0 on these examinations.

How to apply: you will be automatically selected for this award once Admissions receives your final examination results and your eligibility is confirmed.

Eligibility notes:

  • These scholarships may not be held in conjunction with a Special Entrance Scholarship.


iii) International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarship (value: $2,250)

These scholarships are awarded to students who are entering The University of Winnipeg for the first time based on the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students must achieve their International Baccalaureate Diploma with a grade total of at least 30, including the extended essay and the Theory of Knowledge course, and with no grade below 4 on the three higher level and three subsidiary level papers.

How to apply: you will be automatically selected for this award once Admissions receives your final examination results and your eligibility is confirmed.

Eligibility notes:

  • These scholarships may not be held in conjunction with a Special Entrance Scholarship.

4.  Opportunity Fund Youth-in-Care Tuition Waivers

  • The University of Winnipeg is committed to breaking down the barriers to university education for Youth in Care. The Youth-In-Care Tuition Waiver Program is a part of the Opportunity Fund, and it is intended to cover undergraduate tuition fees. Tuition Waivers are based on the individual financial need of the applicant and will be selected by the Awards and Financial Aid Office in partnership with the Child and Family Service Authorities and the Province of Manitoba. If you are a current or former youth-in-care, you may be eligible. Please see our Opportunity Fund webpage for more information.

5. Westland Foundation Scholarships

  • Graduates from inner-Winnipeg high schools who are registering at the University of Winnipeg for the upcoming fall term are eligible to apply for the Westland Foundation Scholarships. Every A (80% or higher) mark earned at the end of each year from Grades 7 through 12 in eligible inner-Winnipeg schools becomes a credit towards tuition.

2020-21 Deadline: Anticipated in July 2020.

  • Students graduating in June 2020 from the following high school are encouraged to apply.
    • Argyle Alternative High School
    • Children of the Earth High School
    • Daniel McIntyre Collegiate
    • Gordon Bell High School
    • R. B. Russell Vocational High School
    • Sisler High School
    • St. John’s High School
    • Technical Vocational High School
  • Students are required to complete a Westland Foundation Scholarship application form and submit their official transcripts from grades 7 through 12 to the University of Winnipeg Awards and Financial Aid office for consideration.
Please visit the Westland Foundation website for an application form.

NOTE: If you are currently registered and missed the deadlines for Entrance Award consideration, please visit the In-Course Awards webpage.

Refunds due to Award and/or Government Student Aid overpayment

Students with an account credit that received an award and/or government student aid should note that our office authorizes refunds at the end of each term only. Cheques are mailed to students at this time (December, April, August).  Students receiving award and/or government student aid refunds will be notified by Webmail shortly before the cheques are mailed.

If the account credit is a result of a dropped course, enrolment will be reviewed to ensure the student still meets the eligibility criteria for the award and/or government student aid funding they have received. If the student has not maintained eligibility, they may receive either a portion of the funding or none. Money may be refunded back to the award fund and/or government student aid branch. Students will be notified if this occurs by Webmail.

If the refund is required before the end of term, students that received an award and/or government student aid are welcome to make an early refund request to our office. You can drop by the office or email to provide the reason for your request, full name and student ID number. Depending on the type of funds received, the refund may be released early in full, partially, or will have to wait until term end to be released. Early refund requests are reviewed every two weeks and students are notified of the results shortly after review.

All other refund request inquiries for students without an award or government student aid should be referred to Student Central.