Arts Faculty Awards

Faculty of Arts

In 2013, the Faculty of Arts created two awards to recognize excellence: one in teaching, and the other in research, scholarship, or creative activity.

The Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes teaching excellence mong faculty who hold 1) a Term position, or are at the rank of 2) Probationary Instructor or Assistant Professor, 3) Associate Professor or continuing Instructor, or 4) Full Professor. The main criterion for each is a strong commitment to predagogy and excellence in teaching students in classroom teaching and in the development of innovative teaching methods, along with support for and mentoring of students.

Nominations must be submitted by noon on February 28 to Barbara Foucault in the Office of the Dean of Arts.

The Achievement in Scholarly or Creative Award is given for a singular achievement in research or creative activity during the  academic year (September-August): a book, an article, a paper, a poem, play, etc. Faculty members may be nominated, or may nominate themselves by explaining, in 500 words or less, why this is a great achievement. There is one award for probationary or term appointments, another for tenured or continuing appointments. 

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