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Why is there poverty?

Is there a relationship between delinquency and social class?

How do immigrants manage new and diverse experiences?

What effect will an aging population have on society?

How can class, sex, gender, age, and ethnicity be understood as part of social life?

(Department of Sociology website, accessed February 9, 2017)

These are just some of the questions asked by sociologists, so it's not hard to see why the study of sociology is important in our contemporary world. And whether you want to pursue a degree in sociology, or take courses in it as part of an interdisciplinary program, or just for your own interest, you can be sure there are many opportunities for future study and/or employment in this area.

Here we want to highlight and share with you a little about the people and study that make up the University of Winnipeg's Department of Sociology in the following.

Kiyana Jaymes
"Visiting Lecturer: Dr. Colleen Anne Dell, as shared by Kiana Jaymes"

"Looking forward: SOC Honours program"

"Interview with Acting Chair"

"Prof co-edits special journal issue"

"Next Chair of SOC"

Left, Kiana Jaymes shares her write-up on a talk given by Dr. Colleen Dell. (photo supplied

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