Psychology Students' Association

Faculty of Arts

UW PSA From left: PSA co-presidents, Jessica Sellwood and Kayla Kilborn and members Courtney Silvari, Aimee Schwager, Katherine Delfosse, and Vanessa Driedger

The Psychology Students' Association is a student group that is geared toward engaging Psychology students and giving them a sense of community with other individuals who are working toward the same or similar degrees (BA Honours or BA Psych).

Jessica Sellwood and Kayla KilbornI recently met up with them at one of their bake sale fundraisers. I was warmly welcomed by PSA co-presidents, Kayla Kilborn and Jessica Sellwood (see photo left), and members Courtney Silvari, Aimee Schwager, Katherine Delfosse, and Vanessa Driedger. While I took a few pics, Kayla outlined some of what's offered through the PSA, such as:

  • Resources and information unique to the Psyc program as well as other types of support.

  • Events such as faculty mixers so that students can meet and get to know Psyc professors.

  • Fundraisers, such as the bake sale, so that the PSA can provide students with things like free group tutoring sessions - especially for some of Psych's harder courses. (They also hope to make a large donation at the end of the year to a group that is focused on mental health.)

  • A tutoring team which provides tutoring for all Psych courses and a large events team.

The group also has a media team who run their social media and a tech who looks after their website.

Aimee Schwager and Jessica SellwoodTo find out more about the PSA and how you can get involved, you can find them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or go to their website

And next time you see them set-up for a bake sale (look for the Freud photo booth), make sure you stop by and support this great organization. (I recommend the cherry cupcakes!)

(Left: Aimee Schwager tries out the Freud photo booth with Jessica Sellwood)