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The four Faculty of Arts Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching among faculty who hold 1) a Term position, or are at the rank of 2) Probationary Instructor or Assistant Professor, 3) Associate Professor or continuing Instructor, or 4) Full Professor. Further details can be found in the following documents.

The PURPOSE of these awards is to publicly recognize teaching excellence by faculty, to publicize such excellence to the University and to the wider community, to encourage the pursuit of such excellence, and to promote informed discussion of teaching at the University of Winnipeg.

The main criterion for each award is a strong commitment to pedagogy and excellence in teaching students, as demonstrated through classroom teaching, and the development of innovative, creative, adaptive teaching methods and approaches together with support for and mentoring of students.

The awards recognize that teaching contexts differ throughout the Faculty of Arts and that these differences are taken into consideration by the selection committee when assessing nominations. They may also recognize any innovative style of teaching, including the development of different teaching and learning environments.

NOMINATIONS can be made by students, staff or faculty, but not by the nominee. Winners are chosen by the Faculty of Arts Teaching Committee, and may only receive the award once.

The Faculty of Arts Teaching Committee will consider both the pedagogy and curricular choices of the nominee. Excellent teachers are chosen for their ability to communicate broad and accurate knowledge of the subject matter, to cultivate creative thinking and self-confidence on the part of students, and to successfully challenge students. They are also selected for their aptitude to create enthusiasm, for their availability for consultation outside of class, and for their fairness and the consistency of their grading.

PROCEDURE: All nominations must be submitted by noon on February 28 to Barbara Foucault ( on the attached form [DOC] and all documentation accompanying all nominations must be in English.

 If you have any questions, please contact Fiona Green 204.786.9409.

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