Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes a strong commitment to pedagogy and excellence in teaching students as demonstrated through classroom teaching. The award takes into account the development of innovative, creative, adaptive teaching methods and approaches, together with support for and mentoring of students. It may also recognize the development of different teaching and learning environments.

Normally there will be one award for probationary or term appointments, and another for tenured or continuing appointments. The Faculty of Arts Teaching Award Committee will be convened considers both the pedagogy and curricular choices of the nominee. Winners chosen this Committee can only receive the award once.

Excellent teachers are chosen for their ability to communicate broad and accurate knowledge of the subject matter, to cultivate creative thinking and self-confidence on the part of students, and to successfully challenge students. They are also selected for their aptitude for creating enthusiasm, for their availability for consultation outside of class, and for the fairness and consistency of their grading.


The purpose of this award is to publicly recognize teaching excellence, to publicize such excellence to the University and to the wider community, to encourage the pursuit of such excellence, and to promote informed discussion of teaching at the University of Winnipeg.

NOMINATION: (due March 5)

Teaching faculty may be nominated by students, staff or other faculty, but not by the nominee. Nominators write a letter (250-500 words) and fill in the nomination form, and send both electronically to the Assoicate Dean of Arts.

By April 2, nominees must submit a teaching CV (of no more than 5 pages) and a one (1) page statement of their teaching philosophy. When preparing the teaching philosophy, nominees are encouraged to describe the ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ of their teaching.

Nominees should also provide other supporting information, which may include:

  • Student assessments that provide information about the quality of teaching over the range of undergraduate courses taught.

  • Letters from alumni that provide information on the long-term effect of the nominee’s teaching.

  • Letters from colleagues or external peers regarding teaching, course materials, range of courses and activities related to teaching.

Send all nomination material to:

Associate Dean of Arts: and copy b.foucault@uwinnipeg   


Nominations and documents should address these criteria as much as possible:

  1. Exhibits a consistently superior command of the subject matter.
  2. Exhibits excellent organization and communication skills.
  3. Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching the course content.
  4. Demonstrates excellent planning and organization in course outlines and objectives, reading assignments, handouts, projects, grading schemes, examinations and all other material associated with undergraduate courses.
  5. Instills vital interest in and enthusiasm for the subject on the part of students.
  6. Strongly encourages students to be critical, to think independently and to solve problems.
  7. Presents the subject matter at an appropriate level that is challenging, yet accessible.
  8. Demands that students have a comprehensive, coherent understanding of the subject matter.
  9. Consistently demonstrates a concern for student progress and is available and approachable for out-of-classroom consultation.
  10. Acts as a valuable resource for both students and colleagues.
  11. Successfully implements new or innovative techniques and pedagogies.
  12. Promotes student centered learning, inquiry‐based learning and critical thinking.


  • March 5 - Nomination letter submitted to the Associate Dean of Arts

  • March 9 - Nominee notified by the Associate Dean of Arts

  • April 2 - Nominee submits CV, teaching philosophy and other supporting documents to the Associate Dean of Arts

  • April 16 - Dean's office submits compiled nomination packages to Faculty of Arts Teaching Award Selection Committee. The Selection Committee meets within two weeks to make award selection.

  • April 30 - Faculty of Arts announces winners