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2017 and 2018 Publications

White Settler Reserve, New Iceland and the Colonization of the Canadian West

Indigenous Art: New Media and the Digital

Julie Nagam (Co-edited with Heather Igloliorte and Carla Taunton)
PUBLIC Journal: Art Culture Ideas

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The History of the Brain and Mind Sciences: Technique, Technology, Therapy

Delia Gavrus (Co-edited with Stephen T. Casper)
University of Rochester Press (in partnership with Boydell & Brewer)

book cover for Janis Thiessen's book (2017)

Snacks: A Canadian Food History

Janis Thiessen
University of Manitoba Press

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Bookcover for S. MacKinnon's new book for 2018
Practising Community-Based Participatory Research: Stories of Engagement, Empowerment, and Mobilization

Shauna MacKinnon (Editor)
UBC Press

Bookcover for S. MacKinnon's new book for 2018

Crossings 2


 Book cover of "Corporatizing Canada"

Corporatizing Canada: Making Business out of Public Service

Kevin Walby (Co-edited with Jamie Brownlee and Chris Hurl)
Between the Lines

 Book cover for "Handbook of Prison Tourism"

The Handbook of Prison Tourism

Kevin Walby (Co-edited with J.Z. Wilson, S. Hodgkinson, J. Piché)
Palgrave Macmillan


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Influences of Pre-Christian Mythology and Christianity on Old Norse Poetry: A Narrative Study of Vafþrúðnismál

Andrew Edward McGillivray
Medieval Institute Publications

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Transculture, société et savoirs dans les Amériques

Adina Balint (Co-edited with Daniel Castillo Durante)
Peter Lang

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Rencontre des imaginaires, imaginaires transculturel au Canada et dans les Amériques

Adina Balint (Co-edited with Irène Chassaing, Lise Gabourey-Diablo)
Presses Universitaires de Saint-Boniface




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