Lesbian Rangers
Reorientation 2005

History of the Force

rangers with bonoculars

Lesbian National Parks and Services was founded in 1997, to help people learn about the fascinating and fragile lesbian ecosystem. Rangers Dempsey and Millan led the first expedition to Banff National Park (Canada), and continue to offer lesbian leadership today. From the beginning, it was clear to our foremothers that young women like yourself would benefit from a chance to practice lesbianism in the wilds. That is how the Junior Lesbian Ranger Corps was born. Now thousands of people around the globe experience camaraderie and outdoor fun. Working together, we know that we are making the world a happier, safer place for lesbians.

rangers dempsey and millan

Rangers Dempsey and Millan hard at work
at L.N.P.S. Headquarters, Winnipeg.

photo: Shiela Spence


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