Lesbian Rangers
Reorientation 2005

University of Winnipeg field notes

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2005

The excitement is palpable as the first day of Reorientation Week dawns! Eager students scurry about, thirsting for knowledge. It is our fervent hope that we might lead these young minds and bodies down the bushpath of diversity. Certainly, the many interactions we had this morning while flipping flapjacks were fruitful. However, our recruitment efforts later in the day were met with a range of emotions, from confusion, to fear, to horror. Undaunted, we will redouble our efforts in the days to come.

cooking pancakescooking pancakescooking pancakes
The Lesbian Rangers are here at the University of Winnipeg to serve!
photos: Shiela Spence


Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005

The UWSA BBQ was a great success. we were more than happy tohelp out. Roasted weenies are one of our specialties! Serving at the fun-filled cook-out also gave us ample opportunity to interact with students. They have so many queeries! We hope that we can serve andservice them as they find their way on life's bushpath, and inspire awareness fo the lesbian bounty that surrounds them here at the Univesity of Winnipeg. this is not to say U ofW is paradise. Indeed not! But hopefully with a little elbow grease the Lesbian Rangers and our allies can it an even more inviting environment during the weeks to come.

Women's Studies warmly embrace the Ranger ethic.
So many burning queeries, answered by the handy Reorientation Week pamphlet.

photos: Shiela Spence


Thursday, Sept. 8, 2005

The Lesbian Rangers began our day with an invigorating interview on "sayitsista", one of CKUW's fascinating radio programs. Our daily appearances on the station have proved to be an effective form of outreach. Students have told us they look forward to awakening each morning to the sound of the Rangers voices imparting bushlore. Mammal-of-the-day is an espescially popular feature, whetting the audience's appetite for more lesbian Flora and Fauna. Tomorrow we move into truly exciting territory: insects!

CKUW radio talk show
The Rangers give weather
reports and facinating
facts about flora
and fauna each day
on CKUW FM 95.8
Ranger Millan at desk
During a rare, quiet moment,
Ranger Millan ponders the
future of the Force.
Despite great strides,
there is still
so much to be done!

photos: Shiela Spence


Friday, Sept. 9, 2005

We are overwhelmed. After a long week, replete with challenges, victory is all the sweeter. For the first time in the history of the University, lesbians have taken the rock in the annual rock climb. Our team of Eager Beavers used thier minds and bodies, as well as the fine art of cooperation, to reach the pinnacle. Shaking the hand of President Lloyd Axworthy and accepting the top honours from former President Duckworth brought tears of pride to our eyes! The three young fellows who reprresented the force have a bright future in lesbianism! Well done lads!

The Lesbian Ranger team celebrates its victory.
photo: Shiela Spence


Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005

Reorientation Week has come and gone, but hundreds of Junior Lesbian Rangers carry on the work of the Force on campus. We, the Lesbian Rangers, will continue to make frequent forays to the University of Winnipeg to prevent backsliding, but have every confidence that interest in lesbian species will only build. Sadly, however, things are not so optimistic over at the University’s neighbour, the CBC. Although lesbianism flouishes at our national broadcaster, a bitter strike continues. Try as we might, the Lesbian Rangers have been unable to force the corporation to conceed to the workers demands. We continue to do what we can: ticket upper management (they have yet to remit), phone our politicians, and join in the picket line whenever our busy schedule at U of W allows.

supporting workers at CBC
The Rangers give striking worker, Marni,
a reassuring squeeze.


Wednesday, Sept.14, 2005

Today in the Gallery we had the opportunity to discuss our civilian lives, and our favourite past-time: artmaking. As any visitor to the base camp can attest, the Rangers have a passion for paint-by-numbers! We talked about the importance of painting and thinking outside of the lines. The audience was rapt. However, once they began asking us questions, it became clear that they really just wanted to try on our mesh ballcaps. Ranger-envy is a common phenomenon. We encounter it on each mission. The want-to-be does not know that full time lesbianism is exhausting, and entails more than simply looking sharp in polyester!

Class in gallery
The Rangers explain the global goals of The Force.
photos: Shiela Spence
Rangers Motto
Classes use the Base Camp as a resource.
Rangers in gallery
Rangers Dempsey and Millan's informative noon-hour audio visual presentation piqued interest!


Monday, Sept.19, 2005

The Lesbian Ranger Base Camp has proven to be a welcome refuge from the storm of campus life. It is open daily, providing a quiet space to rest, relax, and consider the diversity of biology, both on campus and in the wilds. We notice that students and faculty take advantage of the educational books, pamphlets and videotape, to while away the minutes between classes or conduct their own research into lesbian life. We welcome these wayfarers! Let our base camp be your homo away from home.

Base camp with video
Base camp remains open, daily from noon to 4 p.m. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, helpful reading material and scintillating videotape. Lesbianism: yours to discover!
photos: Shiela Spence


Thursday, Sept.22, 2005

Patrolling the Duckworth Centre today, we sighted a pair of bewildered females. Because they displayed signs of confusion and fatigue we approached cautiously. After contact was established, we ascertained that they had become lost en route to their women's studies course and were suffering disorientation as a result of being surrounded by "Wesmen". Casual contact with the Lesbian Rangers seemed to allay their fears, acting as a stopgap until they could migrate to more familiar environs.

Rangers on lawn
The Rangers are met by smiling faces wherever they roam on the U of W campus.
Rangers lending a helping hand
Rangers Dempsey and Millan take queeries very seriously, and do their utmost to assist.
photos: Shiela Spence


Wednesday, Sept.28, 2005

The Campus is graced with guidance counsellors today, from schools throughout Winnipeg. We have a special affinity for these helpers and all others in the education profession. The Rangers will make our services and expertise available. Perhaps a crash workshop on essential knots? We are here to serve.


Friday, Sept.30, 2005

Our work here at The University of Winnipeg is almost done. It has been a great pleasure for us, and hopefully the students as well. We have begun our fond good-byes, struggling not to shed a tear and disgrace the uniform. Our only consolation is that someday we may return, not out of need (the university is on a firm footing of biological health) but of desire.

Base Camp
The Rangers bid a fond adieu!
Photo: Gareth Pammenter


Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005

We begin a new month, and a new assignment! The Lesbian Rangers are off to battle ignorance and indifference in yet another ecosystem. Encouraged by the resplendent diversity and boundless pluck of our new University of Winnipeg friends


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