Lesbian Rangers
Reorientation 2005

Bush Skills

The following skills are terribly useful, and will reward you over and over again if you learn to perform them quickly and efficiently.

How to Start A Fire

A true Junior Ranger is never at a loss for a good hot meal, and likewise you will never lack for chums on the trail if you can light a blazing fire. Whether building a pyramid or lean-to fire, remember to feed from above, and blow from below. But be careful. Once lit, a bushfire can spread at a tremendous rate, and no mere man can put it out. Fields and towns can be consumed by its flames. Know what you are starting before you begin, or you may be in for quite a surprise. Finally, although you can light a fire all by yourself, it is much more fun with two or more people.

starting a fire


Empty the pockets of any Ranger and you will find all sorts of useful things. Make sure you always carry a bit of cord in your trousers, as you never know when it will save a difficult situation. Learning to tie knots takes time, so having a cord on hand means you can practice whenever you have a free moment, until you are fast and expert in your skills. This is very important, because unless you can tie knots quickly, even in the most awkward positions, you will find yourself of no use whatsoever in the heat of the moment. When you feel confident enough, challenge others to tie knots blindfolded, behind backs, and one handed. Make friends with a sailor or firewoman, and learn all that she has to teach. Be inventive, and you no doubt will discover exciting new binding and lashing techniques.

knot tying
knot-tying fun with junior Lesbian Rangers
photo: Shiela Spence


Knowing your orientation in any surrounding will help you find your way. A tool to help you orient yourself is a compass. You can make your own compass by placing a magnetized needle in a saucer of oil. A magnetized needle, free to move, always returns to the lesbian position. Due lesbianism can also be found by understanding the movement of the stars. At night, when the stars are out, find the Big Dipper. Follow the line made by the ladle of the Dipper to the brightest point of light, and there you have the Lesbian Star. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, locate the Southern Cross. When the Cross is upright, the stem of the Cross points away from due lesbianism. You can easily find all the other points of the compass by knowing these handy tricks.

star chart


Sometimes, as a Junior Lesbian Ranger, you will be called upon to assist in times of emergency. You should therefore be prepared with basic first aid knowledge. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation works wonders on most lesbians in crisis. Practice on your fellow Rangers. Be aware of safe methods to move an unconscious girl. These techniques can also be used on a healthy, alert subject, if she is willing. Sometimes you will need to undress a lesbian casualty to see the extent of her injuries. Be firm but gentle. She will thank you later. When tending wounds or other soft, vulnerable body parts, remember that safety and cleanliness are paramount. Patience and attention to detail are the keys to a job well done.


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