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Alan Lacovetsky has worked creatively with clay for more than 25 years in places as disparate as Thailand, Australia and Canada. The St. Andrew's-based ceramist considers the material he molds sacred due to its lengthy and complex geological history. His hand-built and wheel-thrown wall pieces, vases, and bowls reflect the sensual shapes and calming colours of the natural world. Unlike many other ceramic artists, Lacovetsky labours over a carefully tended wood burning kiln to transform the malleable clay into a sturdy rock-like state. This traditional firing method is in keeping with the artist's desire for a close relationship with nature.

Lacovetsky's work is very process-oriented. His concern for process may be the root of his desire to make functional objects that people will use and interact with on a regular basis. The act of filling a vase with flowers, serving food on an elegant platter, or drinking a cup of tea is a common ritual. Lacovetsky is overjoyed that many people will experience his creations in the context of everyday activities. He feels that his role as an artist is to communicate with people through his ceramics and that this dialogue is not complete until another person uses his pieces.

Made by Fire consists of 35 recent works that exhibit the shino, celadon, and chun/"oil spot" glazes

Jennifer Gibson

For further information, please contact Curatorial Assistant Jennifer Gibson at 204-786-9253.

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