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In Cyborgs, local artist KC Adams presents us with a glimpse into our future. Raised in a culture that emphasizes the wonders of technology yet still romanticizes nature and the natural world, Adams examines these two contrasting realities by combining them into functioning cyborgs. She explains that her sculptures "not only will have a technological function but will also be living organisms."

Adams acknowledges many sources of inspiration for her art, including a long-standing fascination with the science fiction of popular culture movies such as "Blade Runner", "Alien", "Terminator", and "The Matrix" and television shows like "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman" come to mind. Her experiences as a former computer store employee and her fine arts training in ceramics and installation are equally important catalysts for the inception of Cyborgs. Working with media that are both organic (beeswax, moss, clay) and inorganic (plastic, wires, electronics and computers), Adams devises an evolution of cybernetic organisms, capturing their essence at several different life phases. In the end, viewers are left to wonder: could cyborgs take over? Will humans become redundant?

Unlike traditional art exhibits, Adams' installation encourages active, physical participation from Gallery visitors. Her tiny creatures can illuminate, spin, make sounds and record people's movements, but some require the help of humans to work their magic. Adams' goal is to stimulate as many of the senses as possible; people are invited to look, touch, hear and even smell to fully experience Cyborgs.

Jennifer Gibson

Adams will be speaking about Cyborgs in Gallery 1C03 on Friday, January 19 at 12:30 p.m.

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