Early Alert Program

Student success is a priority for everyone on campus, and with this in mind, the Early Alert Program connects students with a wide range of supports to help them be more successful in their studies.  Not all students need assistance, but some can benefit greatly by enhancing their academic strategies or connecting with supports before low grades put them at risk of dropping out.

As part of Academic and Career Services, Student Success Advisors reach out to students who are at risk academically and offer them support as they continue their studies.  In an effort to enhance and expand services and connect with students earlier, the Early Alert Program asks instructors to identify students who may benefit from Student Success Advisors’ assistance.  

The Early Alert Program – How it Works:

All Instructors will be asked to fill out an electronic form at the half-way point of each term:

NOTE:  The form is currently inactive. It will be available again at the half-way point of the next term.
Due to the condensed nature of the Spring schedule, we cannot guarantee that a Student Success Advisor will be able to reach out prior to the completion of every course. However, we will contact all referred students to provide as much assistance as possible with their ongoing academic progress.

Instructors will be asked to identify students who may not be attending classes, have missed tests/assignments, or who have poor academic performance. 

Upon receipt of the Early Alert form, the Student Success Advisors will reach out to these students who have been identified to be at-risk academically and offer them support as they continue their studies. 

Student participation is entirely voluntary. When a student receives an email and/or phone invitation to participate in Student Success Advising, they will be asked if they want to participate in the process.  Advisors can work with them on problem-solving and academic strategies as well as connect them to available resources – such as Tutoring Services, Student Wellness, International, Immigrant, and Refugee Student Services, and Aboriginal Student Services.

Having Instructors involved in this program will allow advisors to connect with students earlier in the term, and ensure that our connection takes place at a time when they are still in a position to improve their academic performance or make important decisions related to their studies.   

All records are kept confidential. Information collected through Early Alert will be restricted to those individuals who are directly supporting the students. Students personal information is collected under the University of Winnipeg Act and 36(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). It is only collected for the operation of the Early Alert program.


Please see:

Frequently Asked Questions - Students [pdf]

Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty and Staff [pdf]

Find the form here:  EARLY ALERT PROGRAM FORM  (This form is currently inactive.It will be available again at the half-way point of the next term.)  

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at studentsuccess@uwinnipeg.ca.