Tanis Kolisnyk

Academic Advising

Acting Coordinator, Academic Advisor

The University of Winnipeg has been instrumental in Tanis reaching her own academic goals. As an Adult Learner, she knows the strong resolve that is needed to balance life as a student and parent. All her degrees have been obtained at the University of Winnipeg; Bachelor of Arts in Music 2000, Certificate in Management Studies 2008 and a Masters of Arts - Theology 2015. 

Tanis is active in the M├ętis Nation here in Manitoba and is an ordained Anglican Deacon in Rupert’s Land, working on initiatives helping people in the community. She values diversity and aims to create a collaborative environment that is supportive and welcoming.

Academic planning, problem solving and connections to a variety of student supports and the community are a focus of her work. Come and see her when student life gets complicated. Do not hesitate to contact her at or 204.988.7568